While you might not even realize it, there are added SUGAR in many processed food that you buy from you grocery store and markets. We are not talking about the natural sugar that are found in many fruits, veggies and so on.... we are talking about CANE SUGAR 🚫 While many people might take the white cane sugar not too seriously, it is very dangerous and serious for our physical and mental health.

Cane sugar, effect your immune system and kills many of your good blood cells. It also makes your brain foggy and makes the blood in your brain not flow properly 😱

You can read our full article about the effects and harms of sugar on your body and mind here. 

You must be aware of many products out there that contains added cane sugar.

- For example; ketchup contains cane sugar! There are few brands out there that are 100% sugar free or have sugar alternatives. That I will share with you at the end of this article. You could also make your own ketchup. 

- Many nut butters, like peanuts butter almond butter, etc also contain sugar, make sure you grab the original plain version, or make your own. 

- Plant-based milk is a big one! I have noticed that many companies add some sugar to plant-based milks to make it taster.

- Jams, are the biggest ONE! I have search many stores to find a sugar free jam. Many companies use tons of sugar in jams 😩 I personally believe that jams DON'T require any type of sugar, since you are using fruits and they already contain NATURAL sugar which is perfect, healthy, and nourishing for our bodies

- Protein Bars are also a big danger, since the label says "Protein Bar" many people already assume it's healthy. Many of those so called "Healthy Bars" are full of sugar and corn syrups, preservatives, etc...  My recommendation is that everyone should make their own protein bars or find a company that is honest and clean, uses alternative sugars and NO syrups of any kind except maple syrup which is perfect 👍🏻

Please always read the ingredients on the back of the product you are purchasing and be aware of those ingredients! If it's difficult for your to pronounce, most likely it's unhealthy and heard on your body. I personally never consume any food that I don't understand the ingredients added on there!

What you consume effects your mind, body and spirit. Be cautious of what you put into you precious body.

Here are some sugar alternatives that we use in our products and baked goods and perfectly healthy and safe to consume. These sugar alternatives are also great for any special diets, like Keto, Paleo, or those with Diabetes. 

  • Monk Fruit Sweetener - Is 100% sugar free and perfect for Keto diet and perfectly safe for Diabetes. Monk Fruit is a small round shaped fruit, that is found in southeast Asia. This miraculous fruit was found in 13th centuries by a group of Monks, who lived and meditated, and ate planet-based on mountains and had discovered the Monk Fruit to be healing and nourishing for their bodies. Monk Fruit is now the most popular sugar alternative, specially for baking and use in coffee or any other drinks.
  • Coconut Sugar -  Is a wonderful sugar alternative and its actually too sweet and using only half a cup of coconut sugar is pretty good to make your baked good sweet and delicious. Coconut sugar can also be used for people with diabetes, but please be sure to check with your doctor as well. 
  • Maple Syrup - Is also another popular sugar alternative that many chef's use in their recipes. Please remember that there is a huge difference between 100% raw maple syrup and the (Pancake Syrup) that you might see at grocery stores. Pancake syrup is fully process and usually contains cane sugar, however 100% raw maple syrup is natural and comes from the sap of maple trees. 

These are the top three sugar alternatives that we use at Giselle's Vegan Kitchen. 

There are many other alternatives like, Agave, Stevia, Xylitol, etc... but we prefer not to use those at our bakery, because those sweeteners are tend to be HIGH in sugar that effects the blood cells and many of them have been fully processed, so there are not naturally made by mother nature. 

We love to use ingredients that are created by mother nature, organic, raw and nourishing 🌍

Please share with us your ideas and thoughts, or ask us questions 💗

Love, Giselle 


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